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INTRODUCTION TO PHLEBOTOMY COURSE (ONLINE + 1 DAY) Accredited and Nationally Recognised (GPT003H)

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Key Facts:

Course Title: Introduction to Phlebotomy Course GPT003H

Awarding Body: Dual Accreditation - Open College Network (OCN Credit4Learning) & CPD

Award Level: Level Three (Advanced)

Minimum Age: 18 (16 with parental consent)

Entry requirements: None. English Level 2 desirable

Training Locations: Study online + classroom venues available throughout the UK and Ireland

Course Overview:


Phlebotomy is a “stand-alone” healthcare job – the NHS as well as GP Surgeries, Healthcare Practices and many other organisations employ phlebotomists throughout the UK. Hours are usually very flexible with more part time than full times jobs.

Do you want to learn to how to take blood?

  • Would you like to learn new skills and take advantage of the UK’s current high demand for phlebotomists?
  • Perhaps you are a Healthcare Assistant and would like to supplement your income with part-time phlebotomy work, or you may be looking at moving into the Beauty Industry and work as an Aesthetic Therapist. Many aesthetic therapists are now offering facial treatments using blood-related products, such as platelet-rich plasma. Visit our dedicated "Aesthetics Therapists" courses page for more information.
  • Are you currently unemployed or about to leave school with little or no formal qualifications?
  • Are you retired or semi-retired and would like pursue a completely different vocation?
  • Do you want to improve your existing phlebotomy skills?
  • Do you need continuing education (a Nationally Recognised Certificate awarding you 3 credits at Level Three)? Geopace Training is accredited with both OCN (Open College Network) and CPD.

If you answered YES to any of the questions, this course is for you!

In this course you will learn a new skill which has the potential to be used anywhere in the world.

Phlebotomists are in high demand in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and, of course, the UK, and in all these countries the method of taking blood is either identical or very similar to those that you will learn on this course.

Our course comprehensively covers the main three methods of blood collection, and you will have ample opportunity to develop your skills on artificial arms.

Please note: This is a beginner’s course and assumes you have no previous experience in phlebotomy and no background in healthcare. During the course we will train up in all key aspects of phlebotomy up to the point of taking live blood samples. If you would like to add competency to your training then our Route to Competency Masterclass (Live Blood Sessions) will award a Geopace Certificate of Competency. Most sessions run at the same location for 2-3 hours at the end of your Introduction to Phlebotomy Course.

Is this course for me?

This course is suitable for you if:

  • You have no previous experience in this subject
  • You are looking for a career change
  • You are looking for either part time or full time employment
  • You are working as a carer / HCA and wish to train in phlebotomy
  • You are working in a beauty salon and need these skills for some aesthetic therapy treatments
  • You are required to learn phlebotomy as part of your current work programme

Add to your CPD (continual professional development) or if requested by your employer as part of your CPD or Induction Programme.

(Completion of this course adds to your existing credit value and awards an Advanced Level Three Certificate)

What does this course cover?

Topics covered include:

Home study pack - download and complete before attending course

M01: Course Overview
M02: History, Definitions and Roles
M03: Work-flow cycles
M04: Professionalism
M05: Health & Safety
M06: Blood Collection Systems
M07: Anatomy & Physiology
M08: Blood Composition
M09: Using the equipment
M10: Performing the venepuncture - see Classroom Part 2
M11: Lab Tests and Bottle Types
M12: Analytical Errors
M13: Informal Quiz – answers
M14: Award – accredited certificates, value, application and overview. Job Opportunities.

M01: Introduction: Welcome, Learning outcomes and Overview.
M10: Performing the venepuncture
P01: Practical Session 1 – Equipment familiarisation.
P02: Practical Session 2 – Using the tourniquet and identifying a vein. Hands-on Approach.
P03: Practical Session 3 - Handing and assembling the equipment and consumables. Practising on vein blocks.
P04: Practical Session 4 – Skill-set development
P05: Practical Session 5 – Performing the venepuncture (on artificial arms)
P06A: Practical Session 6 – Performing the venepuncture
P06B: Practical Session 6 – Performing the venepuncture – start to finish including role-play


Additional support material can be downloaded as you progress through the course.

Download a Course Itinerary

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