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Advanced Phlebotomy - Skills & Techniques

CLASSROOM or VIRTUAL CLASSROOM (with online theory)

Learn Advanced Phlebotomy -

Skills and Techniques

The UK's first Level 4

(Ireland Level 6) qualification

  • FDSc (Foundation Degree Level) qualification

  • Nationally Recognised

  • The only Open College Network Level 4 phlebotomy qualification available in UK

  • OCN Accredited + CPD Accredited

  • Follows on from Introduction to Phlebotomy, or

  • Can be attended as a "stand-alone" course

  • All aspirated and evacuated systems covered

  • Specialised blood collection systems

  • Classroom or Virtual Classroom options

  • Comprehensive Training Kit provided with VC option

  • Complete your training from beginner to advanced level

Combine our Introduction to Phlebotomy Course

and Advanced Phlebotomy Course to complete

your training at Levels  1, 2, 3 & 4

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About this course

Revision of basic phlebotomy techniques.

Understand both aspirated and evacuated systems and which to choose.

Have a full understanding of specialised and advanced phlebotomy equipment.

A detailed look at Point of Care testing.

Managing neonates and children including equipment and supplies options.

Geriatric patients and age-related issues.

Non-routine blood tests.

Handling patient T1 and T4 allergies, drug trials, difficult and psychiatric patients.

Maintaining equipment, QC, Stock Control.

Includes legal, consent and documentation

Safely and competently handle advanced phlebotomy equipment and supplies.


Correct patient management before, during and after advanced procedures.

Understanding equipment types and appropriate choices.

Understand special handling procedures

Appreciate legal and professional responsibilities

Offer POC testing options to your clients (aesthetic therapists)

Understand non-clinical applications including private testing.

Have a full understanding of all collection options available to a phlebotomist in both clinical and private environments.

Learning Outcomes

After the course

PART 1 - Theory: Complete this online at home or work in your own time (stop and start learning when it suits you).

Can be completed on multiple devices - smart phones, kindle, laptop, tablet etc.

PART 2 - Skills and Practical Development:

Covers advanced specialised phlebotomy techniques to give you the leading edge as a phlebotomist. Learn to use a wide range of non-routine equipment.

Classroom or Virtual Classroom:

Attend one of our classroom locations

or join us in our virtual classroom (Zoom).

Full joining instructions provided.

Comprehensive Practise@Home

Advanced Phlebotomy kit

A 60 piece kit accompanies our virtual classroom course option - continue to "hone" your skills after you have completed your training.

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