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General Information

Why are you here?

  • Do you want to learn to how to take blood, perform vaccinations, vitamin injections, learn how to cannulate (in a medical setting or for aesthetic therapy), learn about neonatal & paediatric phlebotomy or perhaps you are looking to learn about performing an ECG. If you are already a trained phlebotomist you might like to complete our Advanced Phlebotomy Course, covering a wide range of specialised situations, special tests and All Geopace courses are nationally recognised and accredited at advanced or FDSc level.

  • Would you like to learn new skills and take advantage of the UK’s current high demand for healthcare professionals?

  • Perhaps you are a Healthcare Assistant and would like to supplement your income with part-time phlebotomy work, or you may be looking at moving into the Beauty Industry and work as an Aesthetic Therapist. Many aesthetic therapists are now offering facial treatments using blood-related products, such as platelet-rich plasma. Our PRP (vampire facials) course covers all skills and techniques required to perform minimally invasive facial treatments.

  • Are you currently unemployed or about to leave school with little or no formal qualifications?

  • Are you retired or semi-retired and would like pursue a completely different vocation?

  • Do you want to improve your existing skills?

  • Do you need continuing education (our Nationally Recognised Certificates award you credits at Level Three (advanced) or Level Four (FDSc)? Geopace Training is accredited with both OCN (Open College Network) and CPD.


If your answer is yes to any of the questions, our courses are for you!


Our courses are designed to teach you new skills which have the potential to be used anywhere in the world.


Skilled healthcare professionals, including phlebotomists, are in high demand in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and, of course, the UK, and in all these countries the skills that you learn are "translatable" are either identical or very similar to those that you will learn on our courses.

Training Locations - at a training site near you or in your own home / at work:

For a full list of our classroom training locations please see here.

Most Geopace Training Courses are also available to be completed by Virtual Classroom (VC). Our VC courses train you to the same standards and award the same qualifications as our classroom training courses. However, you will complete the first (theory) part of of your course online, on our flexible learning platform, using any "smart" devices such as a tablet, kindle, mobile phone, computer etc. You will complete your theory training at your own pace and and stop/start as many times as you like.

Once you have completed your online training you will join us for your Virtual Classroom session which, depending on your course, may be a few hours, half a day or a full day (with the usual breaks).

Our VC courses are conducted over Zoom (on your computer, phone, laptop or whichever device you choose) and your tutor will be there to train you in exactly the same way as you would in the classroom EXCEPT that you will have your own comprehensive training kit (yours to keep) which you will have received by courier before your VC start date. You can, of course, continue to practice with your kit after you complete the course.

Full instructions for connecting to your Zoom session are included in your booking confirmation.

Our practical training kits, which are included at no charge with all VC courses, are also accompanied with a detailed instructional video. If you are attending a classroom-based course and would also like to purchase a training kit then this option is available during the booking process.

Where can I find detailed Course Itineraries?

At the foot of each course page (under "Courses" menu) you will find a link to a PDF downloadable course itinerary. This includes a detailed module-by-module description of your course, both theory and practical elements.


How much do NHS staff get paid?

Wages vary considerable between NHS and private posts and where in the UK you are work-based. The chart below is the basic NHS pay scale. You will receive inner city weightings in many locations.

As a trainee your NHS starting salary will usually be at starting the starting point - PayBand 2 - rising annually and moving to PayBand 3 and higher once you have some experience. The NHS "Agenda for Change" pay scales ensure you will receive an annual increase as well as an incremental increase (where applicable).

Within the private sector, particularly for specialised positions such as Stem Cell Blood Retrieval, you may be paid up to £30.00 per hour.

PAYBANDS 2024-2025 GRAPHIC 01.jpg

Parental Consent Form:

When you book a course you agree that you are 18 years of age or over on your course start date. However, if you are 16 or 17 years of age then we can accept your booking with Parental (or Guardian) Consent.

Please ensure that the following form is completed and posted or emailed to us as soon as possible after you have made your booking:

Parental Consent Form


Would you like to spread the cost and pay by instalments?

When you enroll online you book and pay in full. However we offer the option to book any of our courses will one low-cost deposit, with the balance paid over 2, 3 or 4 instalments on dates of your choosing. To pay by instalments please call our admin team on 01525 713377 to set up a payment plan to suit you.

You can choose how and when you would like to pay, but please ensure that your last agreed payment date is no later than 7 days prior to your course start date.

You can, of course, also pay in full by telephone using a credit/debit card or by cheque or postal order.


Terms & Conditions:

When you book online or by telephone your agree to our standard Terms and Conditions. A copy of our T&C can be found here.


Introduction to Phlebotomy - Course Notes:

If you are currently attending or have recently attended our phlebotomy training course, please follow these links below to download a complete set of Day 1 and Day 2 notes (in pdf file format).


Please note that your course tutor will give you a password at the end of each day to enable you to access these notes (PDF file format):




Please note:
Pay Bands are applicable to NHS job positions. Salaries may be very different / higher for positions within the private sector.

NHS positions within certain areas may see an additional “weighting” applied to the salary. Due to the
expense of living in London, NHS staff that live in central London are entitled to 20% uplift of their pay. This is called NHS London Weighting. Staff working just outside London are entitled to a 15% uplift and those that work in the fringe zone of London are entitled to a 5% uplift.


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