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Training Locations - UK and Ireland

How to find the exact training location for any course date:

1: Visit our "Book a Course" page
2: Click on the [Info] button next to your selected date and location
3: Click on the [Training Location] tab. This will display the location's
full address along with a Google Maps link


  • Most training venues will have a refreshments area where you can purchase tea/coffee and snacks.

  • For most venues we will provide water in the training room and for some venues will include tea and coffee.

  • If using the hotel's car park you may need to register your car details at reception, even if you
    are just being dropped off. Check with the hotel's reception if in any doubt.

  • If you have any special needs please let us know in good time before your training day(s)

  • If you have any other specific venue queries please call the hotel or training venue to clarify.

The following map displays a list of ALL Geopace Training locations.
Not all venues are available every month and therefore please
use the Training Locations tab above to see current availability.

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