Advanced Phlebotomy & Cannulation



Take your phlebotomy qualifications

to the next level ...

  • Nationally Recognised Qualification

  • OCN Accredited - Level 3 (advanced)

  • Follows on from Introduction to Phlebotomy Course

  • Advanced phlebotomy techniques

  • Peripheral IV Cannulation included

  • Advanced qualification - additional credits

  • Phlebotomy training recommended but not essential

  • Basic understanding of English language required

  • Download a certificate on completion of your online course

Cannulation training day available (see GPT004EC)



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About this course

PART 1 online - Advanced Phlebotomy

Learn how to handle specialist blood tests

and requests including special procedures, geriatric patients, alternative environments and group leadership

PART 2 online - Cannulation

Covers Legal & Professional requirements, A&P, IPC, and full PIVC procedures

Phlebotomy - advanced techniques covered including POC (point of care) testing

Cannulation - comprehensive IV set-up

OCN Accredited at Level 3 (advanced)

Skills for Health & WHO compliant

SCORM compliant - Complete this course on laptop, ipad, tablet, mobile phone, computer, kindle etc.

Learning Outcomes

Phlebotomy techniques including POC testing, special procedures and handling requirements. Also train up to point of first cannulation (online video included)

Understand the procedures used to set up  a peripheral IV cannula

Covers all essential theory and skill-set development to meet current healthcare standards

Understand the special skills required to manage challenging patients. Geriatric techniques and specific issues.

Specialised test requests and associated handling requirements including forensics, drug trials and research projects.

Point of Care Testing  and examining 10 common POC test requests.

After the course

Follow through requests for uncommon blood tests and appreciate the specific handling requirements

Understand when and how to carry out POC testing

Understanding equipment types and appropriate choices

Safely and competently set up and maintain a peripheral  IV infusion


Correct client management before, during infusion and safe after-care

Understand and calculating fluid rates when performing IV cannulation

Appreciate legal and professional responsibilities, general phlebotomy management and leadership skills