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Giving the gift of lifelong learning to your friends and loved ones.

If you’re looking for a present with a difference then look no further than a Geopace / Abbini Gift Card.

It’s quick (so perfect for that last minute panic present) and can be used to purchase any of our eLearning (online) courses, classroom-based training courses or any of our wonderful shop products on either our Geopace Training or Abbini websites.

The Gift Card has a 24 month expiry from date of purchase.

Q: How do I purchase a gift card?
A: Gift certificates can be purchased online from this page or by calling us on 020 3290 4774.

Q: What denominations are gift cards available in?
A: We have multiple denominations available and you can build cards to the total value that you need.

Q: How are gift certificates delivered?
A: Gift certificates are sent directly by email to the recipient as soon as purchased. Alternatively, we can arrange for you to receive a printed gift card by post if you prefer to deliver it yourself.

Q: Once purchased, how quickly will the gift certificate arrive?
A: Email gift cards will arrive within one hour after completing your order online. Gift cards sent by Royal Mail will arrive in 7-10 days depending on your location.

Q: How do I redeem a gift certificate?
A: Each gift card purchase comes with a unique code. This code can be entered during the checkout process on our websites or given to our admin team when booking by telephone.

Q: What if I do not use the full amount of my gift certificate?
A: The remaining balance of your gift card will remain in your card account as a credit for use on your next order. You may continue using your unique gift card code.

Q: Can I use a gift card code with special offers and discounts?
A: Yes. Gift cards may be used with special offers and other discount codes. The gift code will be applied to the final order total.

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