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PHLEBOTOMY TRAINING KIT - Practise@Home with Mini-Arm Trainer and full instructions

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Practice your phlebotomy skills at home with this 76-piece comprehensive venepuncture simulation kit - your very own min-arm trainer and all necessary supplies. You can start using this kit immediately with no previous experience.

This training kit contains everything you need to perfect your phlebotomy skills before enrolling on a course. The very realistic mini-arm trainer has a soft skin feel and has both small and medium sized veins that can be used many hundreds of times for each vein.

Use the syringe reservoir provided to introduce water (or colour your water blood-red with a food dye) and keep your “blood” reservoir full as you perform multiple draws with the two most commonly used needle sizes – 21 Gauge and 22 Gauge. For those “difficult” patients learn how to use a butterfly needle (also known as a winged infusion set) and see blood flowing directly into the bottles. Collect up to 18 blood sample bottles.
You will also be practising tying and releasing the tourniquet – full tourniquet instructions are also provided.
When you need more supplies purchase our Refill Kit (or buy with this kit and immediately double your supplies!).

Comprehensive instructions are provided in the accompanying Instruction Booklet, which is fully photo-guided throughout.

All supplies are medical grade consumables.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is supplied free of charge when you enrol on our Virtual Classroom Phlebotomy Training Course. If you are receiving this kit as part of your Virtual Classroom Training Course then your tutor will fully guide you as you unpack and assemble your phlebotomy equipment.

Kit contents:
1x Mini-Arm Trainer – realistic reusable trainer with synthetic skin and two vein sizes. Veins can be operated independently or looped to form a continuous “blood” supply
1x Comprehensive Instruction Manual - step by step guide (supported with photos)
1x Sharps Bin (with return label for disposal)
1x Tourniquet (with full instructions)
12x Vacutainer Holders
8x Alcohol Wipes
2x Pairs Disposable Gloves – Vinyl PF - Small
2x Pairs Disposable Gloves - Vinyl PF - Medium
2x Pairs Disposable Gloves - Vinyl PF - Large
4x Vacutainer Bottles - Lavender (EDTA)
4x Vacutainer Bottles - Blue (Sodium Citrate)
4x Vacutainer Bottles - Gold (SST)
3x Gauge 21 (Green) Safety Needles
3x Gauge 22 (Black) Safety Needles
2x Gauge 23 Butterfly Needle (safety lock)
1x Reservoir Syringe

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