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Key Facts:

Course Title: Route to Competency Masterclass - Live Blood Session

Awarding Body: Geopace Training

Award Level: Geopace Certificate of Competency

Minimum Age: 18

Entry requirements: Completion of Introduction to Phlebotomy Course (or similar approved course)

Training Locations: Throughout the UK and Ireland

Course Overview:

If you have completed our Introduction to Phlebotomy Course then you will be trained up to the point of taking live blood samples. You may choose to add a Geopace Certificate of Competency if you would like to progress onto taking “live blood samples”.

You will start the session with a recap and further experience on the artificial arms which you will have practised on during your practical sessions.

However, in this session you will closely follow a Competency Checklist on a 1-to-1 basis with your Live Bloods tutor. Your tutor will ensure you fully understand the checklist before you are teamed up with a partner to take blood samples from each other. This is strictly and only on a 1-to-1 basis and both you and your session partner will have signed a disclaimer to have blood taken. The number of “live blood draws” that you take will ultimately depend of the time available but you will have ample opportunity to take multiple draws.

Our Route to Competency Masterclass (Live Blood Sessions) is an optional training session, 2-3 hours, usually running immediately after our Introduction to Phlebotomy Course, and is limited to a small class (usually 6).

Is this course for me?

Your Introduction to Phlebotomy Course comprehensively trains you up to the point of live blood draws. You will have practised on artificial arms and will be very well prepared for the "real world" of phlebotomy.

However, your training does not include the process of taking blood from real live humans! Many students have told us that they would like to take that "extra step" and perform "Live Blood Draws".

Our masterclasses are optional only - you do not need to attend a session to apply for trainee phlebotomy posts. However, if you feel that a Geopace Competency Certificate would enhance your C.V. and give you an extra "strategic advantage" when applying for jobs then we would strongly recommend that you enrol on a session.

If you can't attend the session after your course you can attend ANY other session at any location, provided it is after you have first completed our phlebotomy course. Please note that our masterclasses are not available at all locations.

What does this course cover?

This is a practical session only (no course content)

Part 1:
Recap on phlebotomy procedures and practices (on artificial arms)
(30 mins)
Part 2:
Grouping and Live Blood Draws (1-to-1 supervision)
Checklist to comply with Geopace competency standards
A checklist will be made available to you at the start of this session.
Please see your File Downloads email for a copy.
(2-3 hours)

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